How Long Did Your Order Take?

Hey - how long did it take all of you to get your registration information via e-mail after registering?

I paid for my reg on December 26th, and it’s new year’s eve… Did anyone else have to wait a particularly long time or did the internet eat my order? :frowning:

No, it should be sent quicker than that, but some people were on holiday between Christmas and now.
(Your login account for the backstage site still has to be created manually)
Just send an email to taktik at [this site].com and supply him the details you used to register (don’t send along your full cc-number ofcourse).

Usually the junk-folder will be visible through your webmail session.

Well, it turns out that the payment was never marked as received (despite paying instantly via paypal). I got a hold of Pulsar, who told me to wait a day or two and then contact the company that payments go through. Ah well, I guess I can’t expect everyone to cater to my whims when there are holidays to enjoy. :) We’ll see if I get my order in the next couple days.

And yes, I have been checking my spam box, so no worries about it getting eaten by the filter.

Well you know have the RC demo so you are not totally witout fun…

Hope it arrives soon for you!

Usually it takes just a few minutes. Could you please contact us by writing a mail to Maybe the reg mail went into the spam folder. We will resend it then…