How Long Is My Sample

hey everyone,

is there a way to find out how long a sample actually is ? maybe in lines ?
i find myself hitting the space bar really often to figure out how long my sounds are.

if not per lines how do i workaround ? the sample editor shows me the length in seconds or milliseconds, since i`m still new into renoise i lack the “feeling” for proportions within the patterns. it got better lately but sometimes i wish i had an exact number instead of trial and error …


if you rightclick the ruler where the length is shown, you can choose “beats”. The format of the numbers is beat.line.0, so 1.2.0 means beat 1, line 2

ha, great !
thx a lot :lol:

oh shit! i did not know this… awesome :) thanks for sharing your big massive brain IT-Alien :)

I need to start hanging out here in the beginners questions forum a lot more. I thought I knew how to use Renoise, but everyday I realize more and more I know barely anything :)

This is the relevant section in the User’s Manual: