How Long Will The Renoise Demo Function?


I just wanted to ask that question…

Although Renoise is cheap I cannot afford a license yet, but wanted to start working with it now. That wouldn’t be nice if it would require a license before I can purchase it.

I’ve already worked with Renoise around the years 2002-3, that time the demo started to display popups after some 280+ hours of using it (IIRC). After a while, those were annoying enough to prevent me using it further.

Just trying to decide whether to install Renoise now or yet be satisfied with some less mature free tools. :unsure:


the demo version of renoise does not feature a time bomb or a limited span of time after which it will cease to work.
i am lucky enough to have never seen those nag screens, but i think they’re still there in the current 1.9 demo version.
but as far as i know, they won’t appear more often the longer you use the software.
they will be there, but it shouldn’t be so often that you will be totally distracted from using renoise.

Yep, this is somehow cool, but…

well, no, won’t rely on that ;) Back in the 2003 when the nag screens started to show up in my Renoise instalation, it was yet acceptable, but after some short while they popped up frequently enough to kill the user experience so I had to give up using R. :(

Actually I’d expect the same time limitation in the current version, that should be around 300 hours of using it … ok, being not sure if I could solve the situation elegantly when it comes to purchasing a copy, I’ll rather wait a bit yet. That the nag screen limitation would be removed is probably not to be expected, uhmm (possibly bad question of mine ) :rolleyes:

older versions have a bug which caused continue nagging on some systems.

I suggest you to give 1.9 a try and see if it will nag you to death again.

But if yes… :huh:

someone from the Renoise team could clear this out? Thanks a lot

It’s 50 eur for christ’s sake. Buy it.

edit: whatever

meh. nevermind.

“if yes”… well, either you live with it or use another software. I don’t want to enter your private life, and I kindly ask the other users to do the same, but the policy of demo limitation has always been like this, and I don’t think it is an hard one, being also applied to a rather cheap sotware.


Ok, thought so. I liked Renoise and wanted to give it another try, just will wait a little more then.

Objectively, can pretty agree with that :)

So I have my question answered