How Many Can Actually Play

ok, i guess it’s a bit tricky to define what exactly “can play” means… everybody is of course able to press some keys on the keyboard, but i think you know what i mean.

me, i play a bit guitar, i also have a midi keyboard but i can’t really play it. only simple melody lines. i want to learn and practice for ages, but never really did so far. although my inability to jam on the keys really limits my creativity, cause i ain’t no mozart. if i should have some money anytime, i’ll get me a midi guitar pickup i think.

Selflearned at the piano since 12 years ago. I have allways tracked my tunes, even though IT2 had MIDIcapabillity. Ive found now that its really great to have the midi-keyboard for more “expressiveness” in the velocity of the notes. The result certainly feels more “organic”, sometimes even “virtous”.
Ive always had a little bad timingwhen playing though, hopefully there will come a quantize function to save me from that some day :D

There’s no choice for playing several instruments… Well, I can only play piano anyway. Started taking lessons at the age of 6 and dropped that when I was like 13. Still I pretty much suck, mostly because I’m also bad at timing as Mike.

Then of course I learnt to play recorder (flute) :yeah: in third grade (mandatory in my school), but for some reason I didn’t keep up with that :rolleyes: Then I’m a bit proud because this Saturday I was jamming guitar all day and learnt C and G major… :) A huge step forward since I only knew E minor before.

maybe… well, i thought it wouldn’t matter here, because in the context of this poll, midi instrument has priority then multiple options apply…

always my favourite chord :D

I’d say I had the chance of playing a bit with everything.
Just 2 months of piano lessons are the only classic teaching I received… other than that I learned by myself.
I can play with a guitar but I have no idea what the hell I’m doing :D
Other guitar players claims that I have quite a skill on fingerpicked arpeggios :o :ph34r:
I had the chance of playing a lot of church organ (!) but never during… herm… well… “rituals”… I swear. I just managed to seduce the keeper of this small church and he allowed me to go there and play the organ when I wanted to. :lol: :yeah:
So I guess I can put my hands on a keyboard… on a guitar… I miss some coordination but I guess that with some practice at drums I could do quite fine…
Oh… and turntables… I am no Mix Master Mike but what the hell, I can still pull a couple of tricks out of a turntable :D
Actually I don’t use the midi-keyboard too much… Just when I need to handle velocity…

I play drums and keyboard and I did not learn anything by now. I even use my keyboard to enter some notes in realtime…

I had some Keyboard lessons ago and I was a drummer in a small school-band but this is so long ago… :drummer:

I play drums, though not very often anymore, but in the near future I should move to another house where I should be able to mount a DDRUM electroacoustic drumkit.

I also play bass a little, and keyboard even more little.

Ah, I also own a theremin :)

The way i thaught myself handling a keyboard / piano was by playing with the black keys.
A chord combination is done most easily through those and you learn how to grip your fingers.
During the progress you unawarely get the good feeling to use chord grips on the other keys as well.

The hardest part is to learn to play with both hands independably from eachother.
I don’t know how i learned that it just goes without thinking.

I play some keyboard, but not as much as my schooling should suggest. 4 years at an utter crap music school playing crap songs with a crap teacher… I mean, I was massively motivated by JMJ when I was about 10 years old, couldn’t stop nagging about getting a keyboard!! And then, I went to school and played beatles, abba etc…

Ah well. :)

I also play the moth harp (to some extent) and that’s about it.
I voted “I play tracker”, since that’s what I really do! I also sing when riding my bike. :P

Bass (self learned)
Keyboard (self learned)

When you learn to play one instrument complete with reading notes and stuff… it becomes soo easy to learn to play other instruments.

i used to play drums a long time ago. but after trying it for some seconds a couple of months ago, i noticed that skill had faded. so i have to go with no instruments at all. hell, i can’t even play with a deck of cards

hihi zhe black keys. i do it like that all the time, one just cannot hit a wrong key when just using the black ones :D
and the scale is also kinda nice sounding. :)

When sometimes my friends askin’ me - “did you play keyboards”, or “do ya know notes +stuff”? They usually astonished when i sayin’ “no! i only playin’ trackers and don’t know any notes except tracker ones !” :lol:

But some time ago i tryed to take few chords on piano, and i understand - it feels so live and emotional, so close to your hands and imagination. And after that i saw some Vangelis videos, totally amazed me. So my dream is learn to play keybordz. Probably by myself. And i gonna buy Novation Remote 49 very soon ! :dribble:

Was “taught” piano for a year when I was a kid. I like playing around with keyboards, and making sounds, but being forced to play boring crap holds no interest for me.
I can jam ok with a keyboard, but can’t quite do the independant hands thing. Can’t read music whilst playing either. I meet musical snobs all the time who consider my lack of skill in these areas makes me an untalented wast of space, but they can go to hell. Not one of them composes decent music (if they compose at all) and they were all forced through years of instruction at great expense, which I liken to dogs going to doggie school to learn how to stop shitting on the rug.

anyhoo… :yeah: trackers!