How Many People Here Use An Akai As Well As Renoise?


i have an s950 :yeah:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but what’s the point? It seems like Renoise can easily replace these hardware samplers, be way more efficient, etc.

I always wanted to get an AKAI when I was growing up, and S2000. I might pick one up some day (they’re really cheap these days), but I’m affraid that I’ll probably never use it after the novelty wears off…

The multiple outs are cool on the akai + it is unbreakable, but yeah…pretty redundant when you have teh Renoise.

I guess anything which makes the music making process more hands on is cool, and if the man wants to use it, who are we to stop him…

I think for me, I do agree with dblue and jonas though. The only time I would use an external sampler now would be to shape the sound somehow (like you can do in an E-MU with the Z-Plane filters)

How are you routing all your tracks from renoise into your desk big guy?

(are you bussing all the drums together and then loading them enmass into a track (how many channels do you have on your desk, also…) or are you loading them individually?)

I am thinking about buying a 10 channel allen & heath desk, and I want to use it with renoise (obviously), so I just wonder how it is done…

(You back in Japan now mate? want to get a drink some time soon?)

I have an EMU E5000 Ultra expanded with lot of crap (8 extra outputs, big HD, lot of memory etc)… it did cost a fortune once in a time, but nowadays I never use it. can do everything and more in the computer… today that machine just feels like a big waste of money ;)

No Akai, no EMU but Yamaha!!! :) I use an Yamaha A3000, well to be honest, I useD it. Today it works only as a effect-tool now and then, it has brilliant filters and good effects. It is really a shame because it worked so great in the era before fast PCs. But the way to load samples from CD and handling the sample-library is not far as comfortable with hosting samples on the PC. Though I would never sell it, it made me so happy the years before fast PCs.
Btw., is there a (free?) way to convert Akai-CD-Roms to Wav? I have been searching a long time for this

You want to sell it? Seriously. PM me if you are interested.

When it was new the sampler with all the expanded stuff did cost over ¤3000. today I would be glad if I get an 10th of that price, and to be honest I do not even think it is worth selling it for such a price, so I guess it will continue working as an ancient ornament in my home studio, the decoration will probably give me more value than those few cents I can get for it nowadays… ;)

Well, how about I give you 1/20th of the price and I will pay for postage?