How Many Tracks Do You Normaly Use?

I normally only need about 8. 8 is enough for any tracker making dance music.

Let’s see…

1-2, maybe 3 tracks for bass instruments
5-7 for drums (each track for kick, snare, hh, tt, crash, other cymbals)
2-3 for effects and 2-3 additional loops
3 for guitars
1-2 for synth
1-2 for pads
3-4 for rhytm and lead guitars
1 for solo guitar
1 for other lead instruments
2-6 for vocals


currently making a 7 tracks / 45 columns song, but I’ve overcomed the 64 columns sometimes.

Absolutely LOADS AND LOADS of tracks.

I split everything up. If I am using a sample that I have rendered, then make a slight adjustment to it, that gets a new track. My beats get cloned, individually compressed and fed back into the mix ala NY style, so that adds a load.

I always have a few blank tracks open to test new sounds free of plugins and with a limiter on so they stand out of the mix so I can hear them. etc etc.

So, yeah, a LOT of tracks…

This is why I am always banging on about colour coding and track nesting etc.

Give it to me!!! Arrrggghhh!


as few as possible. I like to have a good overview and my laptop screen is not as big as I would want it to be.

You restrict your artistic output to how well you can see stuff on your computer screen??

default track has 8, after songmaking progresses I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 16 in Renoise.

my artistic output is expanded if I can see all my tracks in one screen.

Fair enough man!

All good. :)

Normaly between 30 and 40 :D

Lots of send tracks!

ive used 1 sometimes. But then ive used freakish numbers sometimes.

I like to change my working method a lot.