How Many Use Room Acoustic Treatment

Just wondering how many of us use some acoustic treatment to improve your room. And if you use one then what kind of… any advices?

I havent done to my room anything…
…but now that i’m moving soon and also buying my first set of “real” monitors i thought that i will do some basic “do-it-yourself” type of acoustic treatment. No fancy stuff as there where i live are no specialized stores, and i think even if there where then prices would be kinda expencive.

Check out this site. It has a lot of useful info on studio setup…

What helped me a lot was simple cloth or fabric for the sealing and wooden coat for the walls (and also on the ground but with diffferent boards).
I used to make music in a big and old basement. Ground and walls were actually pure concrete, so the accoustics were full of ugly reflections.
As you can see, the walls are coatet with this typical wood-boards which might have their price. But still not as expensive as special absorption stuff for the studio.
And the sealing is coated with simple fabric in wave-forms. I think the picture says everything.
Oh, and about the funny descriptions: The picture is very old and I was younger that day :)

I hope, I could help you with my low-end-technologies :)

Ohw hell…

talking about intuitive master checking

So what is the ideal internal listening environment? Well I reckon if you did a vote you would find that over 50% would say - In the CAR!!!. I agree, I often check a mix in the car and I know a lot of other engineers who do the same. So why does the car sound so good? There are a number of factors and it is these factors that go into making a good listening environment.  

I already check my songs mostly in the car lately … mixed among other better mastered songs…
It’s just the goddamn walk up and down every time…But it’s better than being yelled at by the neighbours (or worse).

Ok, here’s the perfect solution. Put a car in your studio and you won’t be bothered by neighbours or have to walk up and down. And as a bonus it’s good for the environment :P

If i had the space to put my car in there, i would.
But as you can slightly percept from my notice, i don’t have the space.

A small amount of reflection absorbtion foam at precise points. Other than that careful monitor placement can count for a lot.

Make sure you sit in the triangle point of your monitors - there is a sweet spot.