How Much To Upgrade To 1.5

I guess I should have seen that i only get free updates for 1.2x, but i just registered this program 3 months ago, now in a month the 1.5 beta comes out which i should get for free and then maybe another month and 1.5 comes out. No free updates, that really sucks. I hope there is going to be a considerable discount for those who have already registered 1.2. 5months out of a program is pretty crappy. Please let me know what will be available. I thought renoise was going to be great for me, now im looking forward to 1.5 and then realize im going to have to pay again. Im not going to use 1.2 while everyone is going onto 1.5, i wont be able to cope with it. If i there isnt a discount I think ill quit renoise, and ive barely started :(

“It doesn’t matter when you register, as your registration is valid from 1.x to 2.x.”

I registered Renoise at version 1.0, which is almost 2 years ago, and i still get free updates, so relax ;)

you must have misunderstood licencing stuff.

in cour case, you registered for 1.2 so you will get free updates up to 2.2.

Geeez, sorry, i guess my brain got away from me. i was totally thinking that the jump was like from 2.x to 5.x, and that everyone was going to have to buy the new one. forgive me, im crazy. :blink:

Presumably forgiven. My sympathies for your previous agony, dude! :P