How Old Are You?

Hey, how old are you and when did you started with making music :P ?
Just curious :)

you can partly satisfy your curiosity here

When I started making music: 1996
When I started Renoise: 2007

19 and still am.

I’m 9896 days old. I’ve been making music since about then.

on average, i’ve got about 70 summers left… renoise in 08.

Got into Renoise in '02 (iirc). Been doing music since 94, though i was fucking with tape mixing since i was first given a tape deck with a rec button. 26 now.

i would like to know what age i really am.
cuz i don’t act my age at all, or even feel like it.
therefore, am i really my age?

at times i feel as old as father time, while other times i feel like a teenager, or twenty something, and not really a thirty something, like i could or should? be.

I really don’t like the perspective or aspect people have used to denote being an adult. I think it is a dull picture, and very bland.

some guy wrote only the good die young, but if one never mentally grows old. maybe one could live on and on.

^ adolescence, according to my pedagogy textbook


ontopic: I’m 25, been messing with music since 2001

what i would give, for a second in that big ol brain of yours :rolleyes:

my long last soulmate …I’m with you on this one, 100 percent
I’m like 31 something …but I still make stupid poses and make funny faces just to amuse myself , ( not on a daily basis though) :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: B)

he asked you how old you are…that means how long you’ve been on the earth. (excluding time inside your mother)
Nothing else

EDIT: sorry…im in a bad mood…ignore me

you remind me of my father :D . btw I’m 14 years, maybe I’m yet too young to compose any good music? I don’t like most of music I made, still searching genre I could be good at… I think I could be good when I grow, just not like now… maybe I’m just too arrogant like most of 14 years old boys :D

Nah, not that I want to put any pressure on you kid, but mozart composed some great stuff at the age of 7.
you are twice his age :)

just keep writing, and dont listen to anyone who calls you kid.

Well, we’re all a bunch of kids, so why be bothered!

What strikes me is that some people seem to have ‘expectations’ of
their own or other people’s age and are surprised they don’t live up to
those expectations and thus are not that age. Perhaps it’s time to stop
looking and comparing with other people? Being yourself should be
enough, right? That’s the first lesson you learn as a kid, so perhaps you
really ARE 30+ ;)

I think you are right, I won’t care what people think about my music. I like my music, some of my friends like it too… I will just keep on composing. I feel that every day I’m getting better and better, one day my music will be worth of listening to :)
btw I like your music BotB :walkman:

If that’s true, I can except that, it could mean my outlook is working.
also if thought about in differences of time and distance with age, it might make more sense.
as a child, points of interest are much further away and time takes forever, as we grow older and except certain modes of behavior as common, time speeds up and distances altogether generally begin disappearing.

like those times as a child when you could be completely focused on staring up close at a plane of concrete imagining you are a great giant ogre watching over vast cities, or controlling the sun with a magnifing glass. both those times as a child, time dragged on and on.