How Reliable Is Renoise As A End Project Mixdown?

would I be able to, vocal record into, and finalize mixes to complete a song of decent quality?

or is it best to just make the song in this and do vocal recording and final mix using something wake or just going to a real recording studio and have them do that.

recording studio to record voices? who are you? frank sinatra?


studios are for recording drums only! everything else you should record at home

What ever you feel most comfortable with. Some facts:

  • You can record vocals in Renoise.
  • It may not be as straight-forward as in some other DAW programs.
  • Some people prefer it that way.
  • Having a vocal booth and decent mics can make huge difference.
  • Having experienced sound technician can too, make huge difference.
  • You can use studio recorded material in Renoise later.
  • Renoise is as reliable for final mixdown as any other modern DAW.
  • The final result depends entirely on the skills of the guy who does the mix.

What Suva says completes quite some part of the question.
My current advise for vocals if you really have to align a lead singer along your track is to Slave another host capable of audiotrack streaming to Renoise using ReWire.

An example is: Slaving Reaper to Renoise.

thanx for the advice everyone much appreciated.

what would be the benefit of using reaper to do the vocals in along with renoise as opposed to just doing the vocals in renoise alone?

Renoise doesn’t handle long samples well, they can only ever trigger from the beginning. With Reaper, and most other more conventional DAWs, the audio tracks will play from wherever you are in the timeline you if you want to start half way through the vocal automatically starts playing in the right place. To do this in Renoise it often makes sense to cut your take into smaller slices.

What Suva’s really trying to say is: can not prefer huge experienced can is as reliable entirely

Also, check out the demo song Hunz did for an idea of what’s possible in Renoise with vocals.

A lot of Reaper users prefer to do it the other way round and slave Renoise to Reaper (Seems to work better) but agreed Rewire works great for this

This is true, and a request of mine for some time now has been to automatically trigger long samples at the correct point regardless of whether the sample was triggered in that pattern…

My long sample work-around for 4/4 time signature is to sync-to-pattern the recordings, and keep the number of bars you record as a power of 2 - even if it means you have a few silent patterns recorded (ie, 2 or 4 or 8 or 16 patterns etc) and then trigger the sample at the start of each pattern using the “09##” effect to select the correct point in the sample. for 4 patterns worth of recording that would mean the first starts at 0900 (or leave it blank…), second at 0940, third at 0980, fourth at 09C0… if this makes sense.