How Renoise Is Like In Your Perfect Dream ?

So How Is It ?

For me renoise did implemented midi vst support and time stretching but beyond this :

Renoise implemented Xrni2 Witch has attached dsp Per voice, per oscillation and on total. Xrni2 support Portamento, Mono, Polyphonic and Every single effect on the new xrni have Sync To host.

Renoise did implemented the zoom in the pattern editor with a full Midi files support with exporting !

Renoise Just came out with there 2 new vst ! The first one is just an Xrni Player for all daw and is free ! The second vst is the complete Xrni2 Player with the complete renoise sampler function wich is around 30$ This way we bring the power of renoise to all other daw bringing new client and new funding.

So this is mine… Whats yours ?

Nice topic…
(not in order, but the first one, scratching, midi vst and piano roll are the most important for me)

This feature is actually the one that i really miss. You are not able to loop two patterns, so when i am trying to make some nice progression and drumbreak into next pattern i have to listen whole both patterns. If there is any workaround (any), tell me :(/>

Renoise would implemented midi vst support (especially when cthulhu is out ;)/> ]

Renoise would be able to have 2 or more vsti plugins on one instrument (like in reaper, so the “position” of instrument could be changed in mixer, so some effects would influence first vst and a just bunch of them second etc.]

Renoise would have piano roll, so i could more experiment with chords. I dont know why, but i find current way of work somehow uncomfortable. And chord tool is unfinished, otherwise it could be a great workaround (i prefer fl studio for experimenting with midi when i have got no particular vision)

Seeing and maybe also editing waveform in pattern editor

Renoise would be able to export to mp3 (but there is rewire so it is not so big deal)

Envelopes would be individual for every sample in instrument (but then pattern fxs must be reconstructed)

Renoise would be able to scratch by moving markers

be able to see every track in spectrum meter by some internal plugin
seeing notes not just frequencies in spectrum analyzer

And now some more scifi features, that would be change gaming:
customizable pattern lengh for every track
maybe less straithforward way of making track progression and adapt and make better some abletonish tools (live dive, clips or twitch) so you could work with clips, construct track of them.

But still, i´ve tried every other daw and renoise is still my favourite and in fact i find it as the best compromise between complexity and simplicity :lol:/>

variable length patterns playing at same time would nail what I dream of for a long time. So, a pattern sequencer :)

Renoise has 16 penises and is chasing me down a hallway. I try to run away but it’s all in slow motion. My face is transformed into a Novation Launchpad. I start touching where my eyes, nose and lips used to be. For every button I press, Amen and Apache wave forms launch from my chest like the Care Bear stare. Renoise starts flailing about yelling ‘Rewind’ over and over. Rastas appear and grab the penises, one each. The penises transform into lighters. They yell ‘Fire’ at different intervals. Renoise shrinks and floats into the palm of my outreached hand. I clentch my fist. Huge drop! Suddenly, I am surrounded by 0x10 topless girls all wearing Renoise thongs. Then I wake up.

Haha, that isn’t the perfect dream, …you woke up!!!

a machine which, by a push of a button, gives me more free time to tinker with music (=

Renoise with a super in-depth song creation process, where it would suggest for example what pad sound would accompany well the current lead, explain how to create that pad… something like having an experienced mentor with me telling me everything from composition to mastering!

It can also search web for free porn and when I get stuck with a song it should gently offer me a video :D

But on the realistic side, the only thing I’m really missing is handling longer sample recordings, that’s the only situation where I have to move to another DAW…

One big piano roll. :dribble:/>

A “Make Cool Song” button

Bridging the gab between MIDI pitch bends, slides, etc. and the counterpart sample based effect commands (meaning one will work with the other) That would be the bomb.


  1. audio tracks
  2. some system to enclose the fx chains in one single DSP (nothing big, just a container to easier handle long chains)
  3. a native synth (it be very cool if it could be a subtractive + addittive + wavetable synth)
  4. layer multiple instruments in one single “meta-instrument”
  5. a formula device like dsp but for the audio stream :rolleyes:

then i think i could die happy. :P

You can download it here: :P

CAPTCHA song writing. Meaning, every time I want to enter a note I have to enter a random CAPTCHA code before I can enter the note. That way I better be 100% sure that the data I want to enter is in the right place, right sample and right note, Then all of my songs will take 40X longer to make and I’ll feel 40X more accomplished.

Big features in my dreams:

  1. A button that toggles the interface to horizontal mode (including a proper arranger)
  2. “Tracked” instruments of some sort.
  3. Every track has a viewmode set (patternstyle, audiotrack, pia…). Bonus: Custom viewmodes can be coded/scripted and contributed by the community. The viewmode approach makes the addition of a piano roll less controversial ;)/>/>
  4. Pitch follower and pitch shifter device, for highly customized autotune effects et c. Tune your voice by entering notes into the pattern :)

-MIDI communication to/from VST/AU instruments (so i can use ctrlr in renoise effectively w/o needing, say energyXT)

-record VST/AU automation from the VST/AU’s GUI, (or a midi learn function to easily identify a corresponding VST/AU parameter’s renoise slider)

-renoise GUI elements can be resized or broken out in floating panels

-more than two possible MIDI in devices

-convert popular sampler formats (akai) to xrni (extreme sample converter update to support 2011’s xrni update seem to be a pipe dream)

SF2!!! :w00t: :dribble: :yeah: :panic: :D

  • each sample has its own enveloppes & lfos (pitch, volume, pan, cutoff, resonnance)

  • instrument’s pitch envelopes extended to 2400 cents

  • a check box next instruments’ finetune and transpose produces a realtime pitch shifting (that does not modify the tempo of the sample)

  • a new Native Instrument Control Meta Device can modify in realtime any samples parameters such as : volume, panning, transpose, finetune.

  • round robin multilayer sample selection

  • the renoise sample playback routine is able to produce “3d” sounds through headphones ; track scopes can display sound waves in a kind of “isometric 3d view”

  • a track chain can be “saved” within a xrni instrument file, the whole thing resulting in a .sxrni file, loading it will load the instrument and also a chain in the default track.

  • each DSP/VST/VSTI box… has a “snapshot button” that instantly detects ALL actual parameters of the device (not only one) and put them all into automation envelopes (that are created on the fly if necessary)

  • alternatively it also has a “listen” button that listens continuously VST / VSTi parameters modifications in realtime during playback and can directly convert all those modifications into rich automation envelopes (created on the fly if necessary)

  • morphing between 2 DSP presets has never been so easy

  • you can freely organise the VSTs & VSTis in their respective listboxes through simple drag & drops

  • resizable panels with resizable elements including customizable fonts

  • localized interface (possibility to translate the renoise GUI in different languages via an external & editable file)

  • “zoomable” lines in the pattern editor

  • possibility to add vertical audiotracks.

  • possibility to cut/trim/slice/warp/snap to lines directly in the audiotracks, warping samples resulting in a quality timetretching

  • audiotracks like any samples have parameters such as : volume, panning, transpose, finetune…

  • and a Native Instrument Control meta device can modify any parameters of any audiotrack

  • so I can build a simple chain, that controls the pitch of an audiotrack : track #1 => keytrracker => Native Instrument Control => audiotrack #1.

  • possibility to display vertical automation curves next to hex pattern commands

  • renoise can “group” some meta devices into a customizable “meta container” that displays only the desired parameters

  • a meta device, called “FFT Follower”, analyses the spectral activity in 32 definable bands and is able to control 32 destination parameters

  • renoise has a new quality 32 bands linear EQ DSP

  • the multiband send has 4 bands instead of 3

  • IR loader

Oh boy, I woke up 4 a.m. whispering “Renoise baby, I love you… because you’re so 3.5 with your piano roll”

It’s 3.0, it has audio tracks and Aodix-like pattern sequencer, with independent track and pattern playing.
Among other features, I’m single, free and independent again.
Let’s see which one happens first.

as is today.