How Stable Is Renoise ?

Right - I’m SOO close to getting full version now. Even though the program is daunting, I’m getting some sounds out of it already, so it can’t be that bad.

Just playing around with it, looping a few samples & making simple patterns makes me feel like a grubby little rude bwoy 1995 jungle producer :D

One thing I really like about it, so far, is that it seems so “clean” and doesn’t glitch when playing around with audio, moving between windows etc. (unlike FLS for instance).

However, I’ve obviously not had time to test it’s stability to much - how does it compare to other hosts/production software (Reason excepted, which is just about uncrashable but isn’t a host) ?



Bought :)

…except for buggy plugs, i’d say Renoise is stable as a rock. I must admit that i do have the habit of pressing the panic button every time before i save, just to make sure Renoise isn’t busy processing. I don’t use, nor ever have used, other hosts so can’t compare them to Renoise…

You might have problems with some VSTs, there was one around that instantly crashed renoise when you pressed a specific button, but that was completely the fault of the VST. Renoise itself is rock-stable.

Renoise is pretty stable and in the rare occasion if something bad happens you mostly get the chance to save your work before the problem turns into disaster.
The only advise i add here is to really do that and restart for your safety.

As a developer of VST plug-ins which often contain bugs (hehe, sorry!), I can tell you that Renoise is literally the most stable host I know of. During all my stupid mistakes while working on plug-ins, Renoise has always been as solid as a rock. In fact, it is -so- stable that it can actually become a problem for me, because it’s difficult to spot bugs when Renoise is just shrugging its shoulders and saying “huh, is that the best you can do, bitch!?”, hehe. Other hosts will crash at a blink of an eye, but Renoise has always been incredibly stable for me.


Renoise is SOOO stable that cockraoches will be using it to make music long after the humans are gone.


I’ve never seen it crashing
Having said that I rarely use vsti’s with renoise


I had it crash once when I tried it on Vista.

I never used Vista again.

I haven’t even managed to crash it on vista … but I have had older/beta versions of Renoise crash with certain VSTs… but that being said, it’s never crashed on it’s own, and I can’t say that about ANY other music software I’ve EVER used.

i have frequent crashes, but as already mentioned various times above, those are related to certain VSTi.
Renoise does seem to have some serious problems with Nexus VSTi (+Expansions) and some EWQL stuff using some old kontakt player.

crashing renoise without plugins seems impossible.