How The Hell You Set Up Lasdpa To Work Wth Renoise In Ubuntu

Please help,

any documentations didnt help me yet.

any one can explain me step by step …

i’m not very good at linux yet, tried to run via terminal giving the commands explained in renoise tutorials but it aint work for me…

as i can see renoise detetcs some plugins but after the search it shows that 0 of them found.

my ladspa plugins located at … usr/lib/ladspa …

The only thing I can think of right now (since you have them in /usr/lib/) is that you might check the permissions on the files.


and (sorry for the stupid question), “HOW TO DO THAT” ? im quite beginer in linux…

No problem.

Get a terminal, go to the desired location (cd /usr/lib/ladspa) and do a ls -l. That will give you a list of all files including the permissions.
The first 3 bins are for owner read,write,execute (well, starting from the second one on, actually). The next three are the same for the group and the last three for everyone else. So basically, what you want is to have something like this -rw-r–r-- which would mean that it is readable by everyone.

Hope that helps,

you should try to add this line in your .bashrc file:

export LADSPA_PATH=/usr/lib/ladspa:/usr/local/lib/ladspa:~/.ladspa  

this is an environment variable that says “if you want to find LADSPA plugins, check in those directories”.

For this to be taken in account for your complete session, you might have to logout and login.

sorry probobly i should give up

-rw-r–r-- 1 root root… i dont understand how should it help me…

It means that root may read and write and the rest may only read from that folder.
If it only would be -rw------- you would probably needed a “sudo chmod 6667” or something similar command to make this folder available for Renoise to access.

But don’t these plugins need eXecute permissions as well?

Most likely (90% of cases) you have 64bit linux distro with 64bit compiled ladspa plugins installed from distribution. Those just don’t work with renoise, you need 32bit plugins.

Nope, libraries don’t need execute permission to work.

Ah thats what… yes i use 64bit ubuntu version… thanks now i understand…