How the MPC 'swings' according to its Inventor

Interesting read with a ‘mac - loving’ mr.linn :walkman: good view on his perspective here…drunken drumz would be the flip-side, though.

How important are a few milliseconds? When it comes to sequencers, they can mean the difference between a perfect groove and a sloppy mess. We talk to drum machine pioneer Roger Linn to discover the secrets of perfect musical timing and find out why the swing of his MPC sampler series remains so highly rated.

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Possible related post/thread ->

Was thinkin ur link’s leadin 2 sum #flat - earth whateva 4 a short moment…

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Was thinkin ur link’s leadin 2 sum #flat - earth whateva 4 a short moment…

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I think composing (proper) music really is that difficult. Must be to spend time doing this.

Back to the original topic, I am not sure what is so special about the points Roger Linn states in his interview? Can you explain to me? He seems to talk about simple shuffle. I know from back in the days when I made house music with Cubase, that actually slight variations in shuffle per track and also slight timing offsets will bring a song to life. Renoise pretty much is not very friendly when it comes to such advanced quantization. I even would say, except for some special cases, a global shuffle option only is pretty harmful.

Also those old devices like LM1 actually had quite a huge timing imprecision, maybe thats what it is about. Just like slight humanization.

I just wanted to share this free thing here:

Iirc, it also contains some MIDI clips of various MPC swing settings (might have been in the paid equivalent). What I notice is that all notes except the first on-beat are placed slightly before the grid. Not sure if these are 100% accurate captures, but if they are, I’m guessing that the MPC has a personality of giving a slight “rush” until the next beat.