How to access all the "beginner questions" posts from the subthread?

i wanna find out how to grab all the ideas + beginner questions from this forum but without having to manually scroll down endlessly. i want the whole forumspace. how do i archive that and go through it?

You can use this link:

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i realize that’s one way to do it, but the problem here is that it will require endless scrolling to get to say 2008.

is there a RSS solution?

ok i see will give me 25 posts, but i need them all. i’m ready and willing to go through thousands to tens of thousands of these posts. i just need them.

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Why would you want to do that? Most of the threads are years old and the original posters are likely to have other issues and questions now.

simple, the reason why i wanna look at this and ideas&requests is that a lot of the time, people come in going “hey i wanna…” and then it turns out it can be scripted. i’m looking for new ideas. i’ve gotten plenty of stuff scripted i was complaining about in 2008-2011, and got it working by just looking at the API and doing it.

example, i was writing something about wanting to delete note off samples… and the forum suggestions were like “how to midi map sample loop mode” and it was from ages ago and i added it into Paketti.

If you really wanted to you can use something like puppeteer to crawl the forum.

so i basically nodded on cmd-down (pagedown for mac) for 11minutes 43 seconds and got the whole ideas+suggestions page printed as a 528 page PDF.

did the same (but without timing it) for the beginner questions.
saw a LOT of Impulse Tracker related questions there.

now i need to programmatically extract all the URLs from the two PDFs, then use automation to grab each and every post as a separate HTML or PDF - and do wordsearches on the titles too and stuff.

since starting on going through these yesterday, I’ve already implemented 5 new features into Paketti. I’ll keep cracking away at this. This is interesting. Every single request results in new scripting possibilities, or at least, new ideas.

ok, after a LOT of mangling (reversed the cmd-down approach to just wgetting json entries with a for-loop), i now have two jsons that seem pretty useful:

and now all i gotta do… is… sort by date and start going through these. maybe dump-to-bookmarks.html would be the best way of doing it.

time for lunch.

takes a screenshot of the first page, and then a pdf of the whole thread. just in case the conversation goes like “here’s an idea/can this be done” “no not possible” “well what about…” and the screenshot does not show the “well what about…”.