How to access all VST FX parameters in the DSP pane?

I have a VST FX plugin with SHIT LOADS of parameters. I’m able to access them all through automation editor and consequently Automation Single Slider tool.

But what I really wish is to access the parameters from the DSP pane so I could map them to doofer macros, but I can’t. Or to be exact, I can only access the first 250 parameters and it so happens I need to access those that come right after.

Unfortunately, this specific VST effect can’t be loaded as a VST FX alias, which I know would also solve this problem.

So I’m quite curious, is there any other way, a workaround or a hack that would allow me to map those inaccessible parameters to a doofer macro?


Depending on the type of VST, you can control it in one way or another.

If it is a VST effect, you can load it into the bottom of the effect chain panel of each track.Just to the right side of the checkbox another button that displays the bars of the parameters, or use the “Ext. Editor” button.

If it is a VST instrument, you can load a Meta/Instr. Automationinto the bottom of the effect chain panel of each track,selecting the loaded VSTi in the instrument slot. The devicewill appear folded, showing a few parameters. You can display the rest of the parameters with the lower right button.

Then, you can add doofers to the effect string of the same track to assign concrete parameters.

I do not know if there is any limit of parameters. Just the value of 250 looks suspicious.It is also possible that some specific parameters may not appear.I believe that depends on the total compatibility of the VSTi with Renoise.

What is the exact name of your VST?

I think each developer can decide if a parameter is available or not. I’ve already seen some VST instruments where some parameters were available and other not available. Not sure there is a solution for that…

the vst effect representation in Renoise has a numeric limit, so you cannot access parameters beyond the limit. Also stepping to parameter e.g. 240 isn’t comfortable either. Some flexible list of parameters is needed, just like the automation device, a automation fx device.