How to add effects to midi hardware track?

How do i route the output coming from my TD3 to Renoise and add some (realtime) effects like distortion and delay to the midi-track in Renoise? I have added some effects by dragging them to the track but they are not processed; i keep hearing the original output from the TD3.

What am i missing here?

Did you use a line-input device at the top of the device chain? The line-input device needs to be in the top, then drag your effects under it.

Also be sure that you monitor your DAW (Renoise) and not your line-input only. Some sound cards have a dial, to mix the daw sound with the monitor. You should turn it all the way to daw, or whatever it’s called on your sound device :slight_smile: Otherwise your only monitoring your clean input, and not the audio from Renoise.

Let me know if this helps, good luck.

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Hi, thanks for your reply; it’s appreciated!

Do you mean i should be able to select the Behringer TD3 from this dropdown? It’s not listed there :frowning:
Screenshot 2021-12-06 093430

I am able to assign it as an Input or Output device in the midi tab
Screenshot 2021-12-06 094124

No, there is a LINE-INPUT device, which you should add on the left of your chain, on the left of your ProQ3 plugin.

Routing Devices - Renoise User Manual.

Midi is not audio. Midi is a control protocol, for sending notes to an instrument, but it doesn’t have audio output.

Connect your TD3 with audio cables to the audio input of your soundcard (line input). Add the line-input device to your track, the line-input device will make sure the audio that is send into your soundcard from the td3, will arrive at your track in Renoise.

One could add the ‘Line in device’ into the instrument’s FX tab, where you have to click on Create FX button before you can start adding effects. This way the line in signal is bound to the instrument and not the DSP in the Track.

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Never thought about doing that, could be handy. Although I think it’s easier for TS to just add the line-in device to a track and see if he can get it up and running that way. I think setting up instruments is a more advanced topic.

Hi guys,
sorry for not replying earlier. Thanks for helping me in the right direction.

I am still having troubles setting it up and i am feeling quite noobish though :flushed:
In Renoise I’ve selected the TD3 as midi clock master out device. On the TD3 i’ve selected USB as the midi trigger. When i press spacebar in Renoise, the selected pattern of the TD3 is played. So far so good.
In Renoise i have added the #Line Input device and selected “3-4 (MX-1) 1 & 2” as it’s channel (it’s the only one available, since i’ve selected it as input device in Asio4all).

When Renoise is in editmode, it will record notes from the TD3:

But when i add an effect (f.e. a delay), it will not be added/triggered/heared what-so-ever.
The options in the #line input device like panning/volume are also not affecting the output of the TD3.

I know i am making a logical error somewhere. Perhaps is the thing that i want simply not possible: triggering patterns on the TD3 from Renoise and record the cut-off/resonance as a bonus. Or perhaps the Roland MX1 is just not the right device to be used as an audio interface in a DAW.

Can you hear the TD-3 before you add the line input device?

If so, it may be helpful to… check your interfaces’ monitor/mix
settings and try to configure it so you don’t hear the TD-3
unless you add the line input device.


Yes i am able to hear the TD3 but only when adding a gainer and setting it to 100% + everything else on max…

So what would be the next step(s)? I want to use the knobs of my TD3 for cutoff and resonance.
Should i record a new sample using the built-in sample recorder?