How To Add Latest Value?


This is a very basic question I think, but I just couldn’t find the answer in the offline tutorial or here in the forums.

Is it somehow possible to tell Renoise to insert the same value that was used the last time, to an effect or volume column?

For example, I very often need to change the volume of many notes to the same value. Impulse tracker would just automatically insert the latest volume value when inserting the next note, but in Renoise I’m changing every simple note separately. This can be very frustrating when programming hihats and stuff like that…

So is it possible to tell Renoise to remember the latest volume value and automatically insert it along with a new note? Or if that’s not possible can I at least manually insert the latest value by clicking a keyboard shortcut?

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Damn… :(

Would this feature be hard to add?