How To Add More Than One Sample Onto A Track Using Note Columns

How to add more than one sample onto a track using note columns? not just with samples but also with vst instruments?

First make sure you have chord mode enabled if you mean multiple notes being received and transported at the same time.

For internal instruments, play with the NNA settings (everything but “cut”).
For plugins, this depends on whether the plugin supports polyphony.
Some plugins have presets that are in portamento mode, which means that if you add a consecutive note, the next note will be the target note to slide to from the source note before it. You would need to turn off the portamento mode and switch to poly mode in order to have multiple notes played for that presets.
And some plugins don’t support polyphonic mode at all. The only way around that last case are multiple instances of the same plugin. Nothing that any music-host can deal with.

So for every new sample i have to create a new track? I was hoping i could put mutiple variations of the one sample onto one track and that goes for vst instruments too.

It’s generally good practise to have one track per instrument, but, no, you’re not limited by this. You can have up to 12 note columns per track, with a different instrument in each note column if you want.

You can add/remove note columns using the [+] and [-] buttons in the upper left corner of each track, or alternatively using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right arrow by default).

Once your track contains multiple note columns, you can simply select the various different instruments you’re interested in, and then record the notes into each note column.