How to Add voice track using my computer microphone

I am fairly new and created a song with a few tracks, so that is fine. I wrote lyrics for my song and although I can not sing very well I want to create a demo so singers can hear how the lyrics are to be sung. The melody etc.

I do not know or can find a demo that shows me how to use my computers microphone to lay down my voice and record it on a track in Renoise.

Can someone please share hos to do this. I have the latest version of Renoise as of this date.



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have you checked the manual/wiki (it’s the same thing)?

what you’re looking for is the record button in the sampler

Please refer to the Waveform Editor section in the manual/wiki, specifically the section on Recording New Samples.

You can set the “Sync Start & Stop” option to “Pattern”, in order to synchronise the recording with the playback of your song. Before recording, be sure to (re)position the sequencer to the part of your song that you’re interested in recording, whether it’s the first verse, the chorus, and so on.

The Metronome Pre-Count settings can be helpful when recording with sync enabled, to give you a few beats of lead in time before the synchronised recording begins. You can adjust the metronome properties via the Audio Preferences or via the Options menu.

Guys your info was very helpful thanks. I now know where and how to do it.

I am still not able to do it because I cant get my logitech 9000 camera with built in microphone to record when I select record. I have followed the instructed way to install jack and now I can select Jack in audio preferences without an error but still no ability to record. In the record dialog in he wave form, I see no dropdown for line in select, just FX track select.

Microphone works fine under xubuntu settings and is picking up audio and also works in apps like Skype.

If someone can point me to a way to get my USB microphone in my Logitech 9000 to be recognized on Renoise with Jack…that would be awesome!