How to adjust parameters of plugin during a live record of a track?

I would like to record a track in real time, and adjust various parameters of some plugins that I am using while the track is playing.

For example, I want to manually adjust a knob on a synth plugin to adjust the cutoff frequency of a high pass filter throughout the recording of the track. Is this something possible to do in renoise?

In the past I have rendered song to disk offline, but today I was trying to render song to disk in ‘real time’, but that does not seem to facilitate what I want to do. Any help is much appreciated, thank you.

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right click on the target param, select midi learn, move a knob, record, ???, profit

you can also control plugin params through the “instrument automation” meta device. just select which param you want to affect, and record automation as usual

Thank you Zensphere, that second suggestion in particular worked amazingly, I am not so familiar with the meta devices but your suggestions have solved my problem. I am very appreciative.

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Among other things, the following tool is intended for this:

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