How to adjust the default place for sounds in Redux on LInux Mint

Hello, i have a big please: Can anyone give me solution, how to adjust the default path to the sounds.
I saved my sounds on a 2nd harddrive in my device and in Redux is not able at the moment to adjust this.

I love Redux and i think it’s in the Linux World the best Sampler for DAWs on the market. But please develop Redux and give him an option, that i can set the default path.

Many thanks in advance.

Greeting, Stefan

Greetings Stefan, I’ve seen some of your posts on the Ardour forum, good to see someone being so active / pro-active with Redux and Ardour on Linux.

I don’t think it’s possible to set the default library and it’s shared with Renoise, however I think you can set the shortcuts on the right of the screen as a workaround. I’ll have a look on my laptop when I’m on lunch break but in the meantime see if these are helpful;,MacOS%3A%20HOME%2FDocuments%2FRenoise

redux path presets

Update: as I thought earlier, you can browse to your directory and add the path to one of the 4 preset buttons on the very right of the Redux window. Instruments, Samples and Other can each have 4 preset paths (just think of these as shortcuts and be sure to save new instruments etc in the right directories).

If i want to save a new sound, i have to go over the save button in the middle of the top - and then the shortuts help me nothing.

And my problem since today: Redux saves not the set shortcuts anymore. At the very beginning to work with Redux Button 1+2 i set 2 paths - but no, as i read, it saves the path only as long i work in that project. After reload a project, Redux has only the shortcuts i made 1 week ago.

I hope developer read here and help me how to reset Redux - that is a error!