How to assign a MIDI controler pads for selecting instruments

(Fabrice) #1


I have still a simple question (I think)…

I want to use Renoise for playing live and I don’t find how to assign my controler pads for simply selecting instruments.

For exemple :

PAD 1 => instrument 01

PAD 2 => instrument 02

Anyone know how to do this? I don’t see the Renoise MIDI map proposing this option, or maybe I’ve missed it?

I use the Akai LPD8 and it work fine.


Thanks !

(James Britt / Neurogami) #2

This seems to be a common question.

This previous discussion might help:

(Fabrice) #3

Ok thank! :slight_smile: Seems that an external numpad is more simple for doing that that using the MIDI controller. :huh:

(random) #4

Map your Akai Controller from C up to G

Instrument 01 - C 1 to G 1 with 8 (one Shot / Drum) Samples
Instrument 02 - C 2 to G 2
And so on

Use / and X (Octave up / Down) on your Keypad as Akai LPD8 “Bank Loader”

good: Velocity, ergonomic Controller Knobs
bad: no “real” Tonality possible, no GM (Drums) Standart