How to assign a MIDI controler pads for selecting instruments


I have still a simple question (I think)…

I want to use Renoise for playing live and I don’t find how to assign my controler pads for simply selecting instruments.

For exemple :

PAD 1 => instrument 01

PAD 2 => instrument 02

Anyone know how to do this? I don’t see the Renoise MIDI map proposing this option, or maybe I’ve missed it?

I use the Akai LPD8 and it work fine.


Thanks !

This seems to be a common question.

This previous discussion might help:

Ok thank! :slight_smile: Seems that an external numpad is more simple for doing that that using the MIDI controller. :huh:

Map your Akai Controller from C up to G

Instrument 01 - C 1 to G 1 with 8 (one Shot / Drum) Samples
Instrument 02 - C 2 to G 2
And so on

Use / and X (Octave up / Down) on your Keypad as Akai LPD8 “Bank Loader”

good: Velocity, ergonomic Controller Knobs
bad: no “real” Tonality possible, no GM (Drums) Standart

Buying the AKAI MPK mini brought me here :nerd_face:

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I don’t get it. Isn’t it possible to play instrument 1 (e.g. kick) on pad 1 and instrument 2 (e.g. snare) on pad 2?

+1 for this feature.

It would be seriously cool to be able to change instruments with the press of a pad on a second drumpad.

Right now you have to use numpad to skip to another instrument while playing drums live.

Just drumkits built from one break…introducing a second kit built from different hits in the break halfway through a song sounds sweet and adds nice variation, but you want to be able to switch instruments live while drumming without stopping to grab the mouse or press the keys on the keyboard…Maybe there are those numpads for partially blind people, they have bigger keys…easier to hit whilst drumming.

Normally, MIDI pads have specific notes assigned to them. There are pads that bring an attached software that allows you to change these notes. If all this is not possible, you can use the KangarooX120 or the Piano Roll Editor (Chord Builder) tools for that.

You can assign notes but you cant assign instrument change.

The ‘pad bank’ buttons on drumpad controllers just shifts 16 notes up the keyboard, bit like an ‘octave up’ button…but you cant hit a pad to change to another renoise instrument

From Renoise, to change the instrument you just have to map the MIDI input with two buttons (or a knob) of your MIDI pad. Steps:

  1. Press CTRL+M
  2. Go to: Navigation / Instruments:
  3. Select: Decrease Current Instrument (for a button) or Increase Current Instrument (for other button)
  4. or select Current Instrument (for a knob of infinite rotation).

What MIDI controller are you using?

Hmm… not clear if we are talking about the same. I don’t want to change instruments by clicking on pads, I want to play different instruments on different pads. But I guess you mean the same as I have to switch the instrument in order to do this.

So if I understood correctly: Playing kick on Pad 1 and snare on Pad 2 is only possible with a sfz file or when I slice a drum beat, but not when kick is on instrument 1 and snare on instrument 2.

With KangarooX120 you can play more than one instrument at a time with two separate MIDI controllers. With Piano Roll Editor (Chord Builder) you can do more things still. You just have to route the controllers correctly with the MIDI input in the tool you use.

Read this forum: New Tool (3.1.1): KangarooX120 v1.1 build 030

Ok thanks, I’ll try it on sunday.

Buying the AKAI MPK mini brought me here :nerd_face:

I picked one up a couple of months ago. What color did you go with? (I went with the sort of art-deco white and black one, myself :face_with_monocle:)

I took the classical color scheme. The turning knobs feel a bit loose when you press slightly up/down or right/left. I guess it is the cap and not the poti itself. Does your unit behave the same?

I guess it is the cap and not the poti itself. Does your unit behave the same?

Yeah. It’s one of the common gripes I found online before purchasing. All in all, for what it is, I think it was a decent deal.

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Thanks … Bbl when I run into other issues :slight_smile: