How To Assign Midi Channels?

Hi I am new to Renoise and am probably missing something obvious but how do I assign MIDI channels to tracks? I have set up my MIDI in device as MIDI Yoke 1 and want to send the incoming MIDI to each track so that track one gets the MIDI on channel 1, track 2 gets the MIDI on channel 2 etc


It depends what you want to control on the tracks. You can map the mute control of each track through the midi mapping option inside the matrix. But if you want to send note-data, you will have to send these to instruments. And in that regard, Renoise is not multitimbral (meaning:you cannot play multiple instruments at the same time by one midi in device.)

Thanks for the reply, I wanted to play multitimbrally, e.g. have multiple instruments playing from different midi channels at the same time. I am surprised that a program that offers as much control over so many aspects of music creation is lacking something so basic. Ah well, hopefully that will be addressed at some point in the future but until then I guess I will stick with Plogue Bidule for live performances.

Well, blame the old tracker structure for this… and to convert to this kind of basic functionality takes quite some time analysing without breaking the core engine functionality.It has to be added sooner or later. The amount of necessary big changes is slimming though…