How to attain soundscape like this (RE2)?

Does anyone know which vst synth could be capable for creating sounds like this? Preferably free and cpu-friendly. And for macOS! I know Omnisphere would definitely do it but it’s out of the question for me cus of the reasons mentioned above…

Im aiming at achieving this kind of soundscape for my ambient composings. All the tips are warmly appreciated.

To me they sound like a slowed down “Church Bell” sample, which are failry easy to find or record.


Would be interesting for you, too:


Yup, with the right slowed down samples you can create such atmos.

Thanks a lot, this was a brilliant analysis! I’ve been inspired by the soundscape of SH 1-3 games as well so this was very interesting to watch.

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Or just start with PaulStretch :slight_smile:

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Or Points and Lines from Giorgio.
I like all programs especially Berna3