How To Automate Vstii-Knobs?


lets say i have a vsti-plugin and want to automate the cutoff filter (or any of the knobs the instrument may have)
how do i do that in the automation like u can with say volume etc…?
it is possible? (i hope so), if not, there must be any other ways…

check the Track Dsp’s tab and choose automation device, -> then check the automation editor to draw in envelopes or right mouse click the parameter sliders during play to record the changes -> Check the manual on automation for better explanation.

If it’s a VST FX module automate it normally. It’s usually pretty complex though: the names of the params don’t always make sense… :rolleyes:

NOW GET CRACKIN’! :drummer: :drummer: :drummer: :drummer:

thanks for the response!
Jonas: i got it to work, thank u!

I’m curious as to whether you can automate the VSTs parameters with a MIDI controller. I know you can do it with the envelopes but is there a way to map the parameters to MIDI.

LCTRL+M opens the MIDI mapping dialog, so that you can associate the controls of your MIDI controller to the sliders of the Renoise metadevice which controls the instrument

OK. So I have to use a met-device. Duh. Thanks.