How to automatically distribute Drum loop of audio files to PC keyboard

Please help me!
I want to chop the drum loop of the audio files and assign it to the PC keyboard automatically, but I don’t know how.
I got successful by chance before. Please teaching me.

Just go to the sampler and slice up your drumloop. In the waveform window there’s a “Slice” button on the top right side to set your slices manually. And right beside that button is the “Auto Slice” button. Then go to the “Keyzones” tab. on the top right side of the Keyzones window there is the “Drum Kit” button. Select the start note and click this button. That’s all.
There’s also a “Distribute” button, but this works a bit different and it also just works with a group of single samples, but not with sliced loops.

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Thank you very much!

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