How to avoid renoise to try to start jack automatically when the last card is not found

I rarely use jack, I always prefer to use alsa cards directly, becouse I don’t need to interconnect other audio applications. But sometimes when my usb audio card is unplugged and the laptop internal card is set to be the main output by pipewire when I start renoise it tries to activate jack and messes up pipewire so that I have to fix it every time by using this command: systemctl --user restart wireplumber pipewire pipewire-pulse
So is there a way to avoid renoise to fall back on jack?

If you quit Renoise while using alsa it should use alsa during the next start also. If you quit Renoise with Jack it uses jack.

Thank you for your reply, I have the impression that it falls back on jack as a last resort, it has never been a problem, but in this situation I discovered that, when it happens I can just kill the process before it tries to connect to jack. So no prob.


If you don’t need jack why do you need pipewire? You just can use only Alsa in principle.

Because my system uses pipewire, so I use pipewire when I need more than one audio applications or browser to play together, or interconnect them with qpwgraph, they works even with bluetooth output…and alsa direct hw when I need very low latency for playing live guitar or synth…if I connect another usb card I can still give it to pipewire at the same time or another software using alsa driver. I did use jack more often in the past but I never got the low latency I get with alsa, also it has always been more glitchy, lots of crackles…I always had to keep the buffer high to avoid that. Maybe its me…not beeing able to set it up correctly after maybe 20 years of playing with different computers, distros and audio cards? I doubt it… but it could be.