How To Backup The Renoise Configuration?


I´d like to keep a backup of my current renoise configuration, or at last, the custom key assignaments.
It´s a pain in the ass to reconfigure all the keys each time i reinstall renoise.

What file(s) should i copy? or there is some registry key ?

I have Windows Vista 64

Thanks for reading my question. :)

Here you can find all your configuration files, log files and crash backups…
Windows XP: x:\Documents and Settings%username%\Application Data\Renoise%renoiseversion%
Windows Vista: x:\Users%username%\Application Data\Roaming\Renoise%renoiseversion%
MacOS: ~/Library/Logs/Renoise.log & ~/Library/Preferences/Renoise/%renoiseversion%
Linux: ~/.renoise/%renoiseversion%/

Thank you very much, i found the renoise folder inside “Roaming”

who would guess the config was there…