How To Be Daft Punk

The fact that the prodigy vid has had infinitely more action than this one since I posted both at the same time is a prime indicator of what sets one act apart from another, despite the similar techniques being used.

Good videos. Now somebody will tell that daft punk have no talent : )

Maybe its the arrangement of aggressive rhythms and frequencies with a touch of transcendent like female voice to break up all that testosterone, lessening the heart rate, preparing for the blazing cumshot :eek:

Though I’m not a fan of Kanye’s music, I do like the more aggressive version of “work it”.

and copy this band


Get a good valve compressor and go to your dad’s record collection is another way .

So did felx the housecat

you know… these topics make me think of this quote: ‘i could do that!’ , ‘yes, but you didn’t!’

anyway, fun. ;]

idd +1. nowadays there are ut0b guitarists who shred amazing and people redo stuff like this but the fact is that this is the easy part. i think that finally are people realizing that imitating on instruments isn’t all that impressive. srsly, if kids aged 10 can do stuff like that then where lies the real skill? motor skillz + good ear != mature musician/composer.

coming up with a concept and music that speaks to people at that point in history is the real feat.

Yes, though some covers add a touch of spice to an old tune that gives it a more addictive perspective. I agree though, building originality with its own eternal identity where others are motivated to participate in it can be challenging.

That’s what I think of Owl City.

I agree that some covers really are better than the original but I just wanted to point out that the version of Dead Souls from Control isn’t the original, it’s played by the actors of the movie :) (And Joy Divisions version is by far better than NIN’s either way :P )