How To Be The Prodigy

That was pretty impressive!

Never realised how much sampling went into that song…

bit of an eye opener as when you hear the daft punk discovery samples.

edit: just seen your other post, off to watch :)

What blows me away is how little synthesis actually went into that

Wow!! :blink:

Ugh… makes me realize how far behind I am with everything.


well, at least you write your own tracks right? instead of tribute tunes? :D

yeah, this was impressive for sure, and I imagine it’s good training and all…
but naah… i’d rather spend the same amount of time on working with my own music, rather than “proving” that it’s possible to achieve almost the same sound as Liam did. what’s the point, really.

I kinda agree, but I think the youtube video alone was worth it though.

And hey, I can’t count the hours I spent in FT2 messing around looping song snippets. Never came of it, but I sure wouldn’t have spent so time in front of a tracker, so it’s all good?!

Plus, and most importantly, just because this guy did this video, why do you assume that’s all he does? Why shouldn’t his music kick ass too, on top of it? Not that I know… but this just sounds like envy to me, period. If you could do this and don’t, good. But if you, like most of us, wouldn’t even know how to start… well…

The video maker’s music:

honestly, this only proved me again how much The Prodigy are overrated. now bash me.

hehe, yeah it’s all good. i can see it came out all hard and “snorty” :rolleyes:
this guy is apparently very talented, and the educational/inspirational aspect of this is awesome, by all means.
i guess for me personally, having very limited quality time with da muzik makin’, it’s just sometimes a bit odd to see all these re-creation walkthroughs that’s been popular on youtube lately. sure, if I had skills like this, I probably would enjoy doing it myself :D

If you could make a tune as uber as this with such a random selection of samples, I’d be hella impressed.

Even if Liam’s not synthesizing things, he kicks ass at arranging songs that kick ass.

Now daft punk on the other hand :rolleyes:

I knew this youtube, made in a creative way.



Aye… a comment on the one I posted indicated that he was just ripping off this video.

Anyway, things seem simpler when someone explains you how to do it, but he made this 12-13 years ago, with hardware. He could sample almost everything but he created a completely different song. Let’s assume it: This is a masterpiece of a genius. This is not like Coolio sampling Stevie Wonder, or MC Hammer sampling Rick James.

Jaja, but that is the same that: Oh, that song has only 3 chords, The Beatles are overrated!
And Im not comparing The Beatles with prodigy.

Yes, but he got it the way he wanted it to sound; in this case as the original song, and that I’d never be able to achieve. On the other hand, maybe no one else can achieve my sound either. B)

So… we really don’t need… Renoise at all?! :blink:

Is that sample really rage against the machine?
Didn’t bulls on parade come out like years after smack my bitch up?

nope, bulls on parade is from '96

pardon me, but I still don’t get it. This could have been easily done with CoolEdit and FastTracker II 13 years ago, if he used hardware is his choice. Probably I don’t get what so ingenious about it because I never liked the song and the band at all, apart from the videos: “Smack my bitch up” video is great, and “Firestarter” is hilarious thanks to Keith Flint on acid.

I never understood what’s so special about this band, I sincerely think that lots of demoscene musician were doing much better at that time. Also, I don’t understand why The Prodigy was the only electronic band which was welcomed among my metalhead friends: I was the only metalhead (although I didn’t dress like that, didn’t smoke and so on) listening to electronic music among my circle of friends, and I was constantly criticized because of that, but when the Prodigy came out, all of my friend suddenly started to lsiten to them.

what can I say, on the musical side it’s of course the same old matter of tastes stuff, on the technical side I have never been impressed by The Prodigy, and some of their song annoy me to death because of massive usage of badly cut drumloops

Your metalhead friends didn’t listen to Ministry or Skinny Puppy?