how to bind quickly a midi controller pad to a note?

hello, i have this akai mpk mini mk2. it has nice pads and the firmware to assign specific notes to the pads works well. some times i have a creative flow and want to assign very quickly different notes to the pads. my idea is to do this over midi mapping. i want to play in a instrument only 4-5 notes. is it possible to assign those over midi map? one idea would be a renoise gui plugin where i could theoretical click on notes like in the renoise piano in the bottom of the sampler. Thx for help!

I know that I prefer that notes stay in the same range, which happens to be where automatically generated drumkit layouts also put the sample. So usually, starting from C-3 and upwards. The “GMKit” drumkits that come with Renoise also follow this convention (actually, even more strict as the kick is always on C, followed by side stick, snare and so on…)

And sure, if you are loading instruments that does not have this kind of layout then yes, they will be “out of reach”. A tool could somehow make this a bit faster. But, I guess you need to think about whether you prefer jamming with multiple instruments or multiple samples within a single instrument?

For multiple samples in an single instrument, the tool could rework the keyzone by moving samples to where the keys are located on the controller

For multiple instruments, the tool could instead manipulate theMIDI inputs of theinstrument.

Even more complicated, a mix of the two :wacko:

For that case its a single instrument. but if you have some GUI tool where you can trigger notes for instruments, and you can midi bind it, then this should also be easy. well, i tried some gui plugins, but looks like they are not midi map able anyways. so i think this bubble popped.