How to build auto panning that changes on every note?


I would like to pan some toms to extreme left and right, so that the panning switches on every new note. First note left, second right, third again left, etc.

How can I build this meta device?

I tried to use a velocity tracker that triggers the reset of a lfo which uses a random curve with unlimited length. But that’s no extreme left and right, but random position.

Well there`s built in autopanner for that case. Or try simlpy using the ringmodulator.

Built in autopanner? Where can I find it?

there is an autopan pattern effect (0Nxy) but it doesn’t pan on note event. Just to and fro with a certain amp/frequency and I also don’t know how to do this with a ring modulator. If your toms are not VSTi but within a sample instrument you could just duplicate the samples. Give them 2 modulators with 100% L/R pan each, layer them on top of each other and then turn overlap to cycle behaviour. like this

with lfo reset and normal dsps I have no idea. But it should be easily done with the formula device. I am just trying to wrap my head around this scripting stuff. This would be a nice exercise, I will post the result as soon as I get the wrinkles out of my brain. Maybe someone more proficient is quicker. Right now I am getting only awkward results or error messages.

my idea is -> set a key tracker to a ramp down with one shot selected. the result would go into the formula device and whenever it is at full range (1) it will invert the last used value.

maybe I think too complicated

you should be able to do this with the formula device

key tracker with the range set to those 2 notes>slider on the formula device

Use the play position as the triggering timer and have it trigger every time the value of that slider changes, make it large enough to only be triggered once per line

simply put, if OUTPUT = 1 then return 0 elseif OUTPUT=0 then return 1

Formula device>hydra
so that it would only work when the value actually changes.


Thanks for your ideas. Since abrupt panning could interrupt playback of a tom, I now simply use two channels with different pannings.

If you’re using Renoise 3, you could have a hard-left and a hard-right version of each sample. Then, ensure that the hard-left and hard-right keyzones are completely overlapping, then set the Overlap mode to Cycle.