How To Build Xi-files From Wav-files?

I suppose this may be common knowledge among you more experienced music makers, so after not being too succesfull with Google, I’ll try here.

I just bought a couple of sample libraries with huge amount of WAV-files. There are loads of instruments with multiple WAV-files for different notes like for C and F in 8 octaves = 16 samples.

Ok, setting up this kind of instrument from WAVs to Renoise means loading 16 individual samples and mapping them to keys and that simply sounds like a pain to me.

If I understand correctly, it is possible to have a single XI-file that includes several samples mapped to different notes? Or is it? Could I have a single XI-file that would contain the 16 samples mentioned above so that I could just load it to Renoise and get all the 16 samples included?

Ok, how can I construct an XI-file that includes the WAV-files mapped to desired notes?

I did find a couple of WAV to XI converters from Maz’s site, but they seem to just convert single WAV-files into single XI-files and that’s not what I’m looking for.

So, any ideas? Or could I construct a RNI-file inside Renoise just once and then save it as an instrument to be used later…? Hmm… Have to see about that one…

Bummer, Renoise doesn’t allow saving the insrument in RNI-format after spending a good amount of time of setting up the samples and splits…


Hmm… it doesn’t?

I just did a little test (with 1.5 beta 2), and I could save and reload a multi-sample .RNI just fine.

I don’t think that functionality is disabled in the demo version either, if that’s what you’re using?

DOH (slapping self to forehead…)… Yeah, it was too obvious… ;)

Ok, no need for XI’s I will be happy with the RNI-files…