How to change amount of lines in a pattern

Hi all,

I tried searching this question on here and I found an answer which was a bit over my head. So I want to make a song with pattern that is 128 lines long instead of 64. So could anyone tell me how to set Renoise 3.1 on Windows PC to edit 128 lines instead of 64 {0-63} default.

On the very top left of the pattern editor there is a number, 64 by default. Click the arrows underneath it or click the number and enter manually

Thanks for the help. I’ve been looking past it all along.

Hi Decat24

I think that in version 3.1 the related configuration was moved in another place, in order to change the number of lines of all the patterns (all the project of song).I understand that you have several patterns, not just one…

To specify, in version 3.1 and 3.1.1 of Renoise, it are in:

  • Renoise Menu: Song / Song Options / Highlighting & Defaults: Default pattern length.

By default it takes 64 lines.Modify this value for all new patterns.It is recommended to do this operation when starting the song project.Besides, you can do what you say TheBellows,for each specific pattern.

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