How To Change Bpm Of A Sample

I cant find any option to change the BPM of a sample. I want to change the BPM of a drumloop from 135 to 140 BPM. How can i do this?

I’ve never used this because I don’t use loops, but you may try Instrument Settings => Sample Properties => Sync

If it’s small enough you could enabling the sync option in sample properties, and just make the sync width match the lpb*number of beats it is. If it’s longer, I suggest you change it in a wave editor like Audacity.

I think you are talking about timestretching or timecompressing because the sync is just going to pitch the sample up or down to play faster.

Search for time stretching. Basically, Renoise does not have a built in timestretch algorythm, and although you can use retriggered sample offsets to artifically stretch it out, or a pitch shifter with sync to bring the pitch back down after syncing, it really doesn’t have a good built in solution.

The best solution I think may be to use something like sound forge or audacity to stretch it out manually and then re-import the stretched sample to renoise. Also, I used to use a program called Acid for this, it was very good at it and made it easy. I don’t know if that program is still around.


people are too damn spoiled when it comes to timestrechting
cynical mode ’ THANK YOU ABLETON /ACID ’

Amok: Make sure the silence is trimmed from the begining and end of the loop… use Beat Sync to set the sync to the number of bars (multiplied by 8 or 16 usually) … then change the song bpm to 140.

Put the beat on the pattern. Make sure it loops right… when you know it does for sure, select the area the beat plays in on the pattern… right click … “render to sample”

Poof! … your beat is now at a different BPM.

Alternately, Beat Sync might be what you were looking for in the first place, in which case you might not need to render to sample at all :)

I wouldn’t call it “spoiled” to request a timestretcher. One of the most limiting aspects of working with sampled data is the way you are locked into a specific time.

Also, working with vocals makes this particularly difficult. Shifting time also allows for shiifting pitches, etc. In any case, I think there is certainly good reason for Renoise to have built in timestretching. =)


But sometimes it’s fun to have limitations. You come up with some weird shit then.

I should use that excuse when I don’t want to implement features for clients at work.

Seriously though, you can impose those limitations on yourself. There’s no need to impose your masochistic fetishes on others.

Thank you very much for the help. :)

I just switched from MadTracker to Renoise and in MT there was an option where you can synchronize samples to the BPM you want it to. Maybe this would be a nice thing for the next Renoise-Update? ;)

However, to render the samples to the new BPM is a way to handle it. A bit more complicated here but it works. And for sure thats no reason to go back… ;)

Maybe… meanwhile you can slave Madtracker to Renoise and let Madtracker do this with those samples that you need it to :)

Even “bad” (but fast!) timestretching would be so cool…

… just like the Renoise filter started out okay and ended up f*cking awesome.

Well, there you go. Let me know when you get a raise. ;)

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Thanks again for the helpful hints…

BTW: Did you know that Renoise KICKS ASSSSSS!!!

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