How To Change Bpm Over 255

i want to change the bpm’s in my track to 280. until now, i can only do this by changing it with the knob on the main screen. and the pattern command f0xx is at it’s max at ff (255) due to the hex system, i know. but is there a way to track the speed higher? can i combine it somehow? i couldn’t find out.

there is no easy way to do this.

As you’ve noticed, you can go over 255BPM using the buttons, but you can’t overcome this value by using F0xx track command.

What you can do is to halve the speed parameter value.

You can assume that the real BPM is referred to a beat each 24 ticks so, if you are using ReNoise at speed 6 (f006, default), a beat corresponds to 4 rows (speed 6 = 6 tickes per row => 4 lines => 24 ticks => 1 beat).

So, if you want to double the speed at which the pattern flows, just use speed 3 (f003) and you pattern will magically flow at 8 rows per beat.

In your case, you could set BPM at 140 (f08c) and speed at 3 (f003)

yeah, right. thanks, but i already know this. ;)

my prob is, that i use retrig note effect…and they don’t sound equal on every speed or bpm value.

This may be obvious, but why don’t you change your retrigs to two notes instead? Two notes @ speed 03 is exactly the same as one retrigged note @ speed 06. Maybe there are too many to change? In that case it could be a solution to just change the speed on one track…

welcome to advanced tracking :)

I often have such problems to solve.

It’s quite rare to see a pattern made by me which is 64 rows long :)

Often I locally double speed to gain more resolution, even for just one line, and put two or more notes instead of retrig.

There is no way retrig can do something that notes+volume can’t do

thanks for your advices. i think i will do some tryout. :)