How To Change Default Volume


Just spent a few hours with Renoise and loving it. It’s really letting me think outside my usual ‘box’.

Had a search on the forum and the manual, but can’t see how to change the default volume - which for me is 00. I know there must be an easy way to do it!



Hi Pandora,

You can set several personal defaults by saving a template song. This include volume, panning settings and even default DSP effects that are a must in each production you want to create:…s#Template_Song

Simply create a new song, add and change what you desire to have as a new default, then hit the save button in the template song panel of the song settings tab. Next time Renoise starts or you create a new song, this setup is loaded every time.

If there is any reason to start with Renoise its own factory template without deleting your current, you can always go to the “File” menu and select “Start new song (no template)” or use the shortcut that is assigned to it (written behind the option).

Thanks! Got a lot to learn, but it’s very exciting.