How To Change Disk Browser Current-Path?

Hi. I’m a Mac.

I’m real addicted to using CMD-D for instance to go to /Users/esaruoho/Desktop in the Finder file dialogues. I would like (… love ! …) to be able to find out if it is possible for me to create diskbrowser-path-changing scripts that would change the current disk browser path to say, /Users/esaruoho/Desktop or /Users/esaruoho/Music/samples, for instance. does the Renoise API allow for this kind of diskbrowser-path-manipulation?

edit: what i’m talking about is not the destructive overwriting of disk browser path presets 1 to 4, but instead being able to go to additional places on my harddrive. to have “Disk Browser-specific keyboard shortcuts”, so to speak.
edit2: i’m also keen on absolutely not changing my current 4 presets for samples, hence the shortcut scripting question.

My guess is the 2 folders you named are already in your 4 shortcuts ;D
one thing for the devs, they might like to know is there’s a small inconsistency in the naming of the keyboard shortcuts: “Select on Previous Page” and “Select On Next Page”
to get back to the topic, I think it’s not possible in 2.8; a lot of these things were probably ‘low prio’ things to get into the scriptable side, few more gui things have been named that are inaccessible as of yet. Thanks to this topic though I found out that disk browser is much more keyboard-controllable than the dsp chain.

you guess wrong.

since we cannot have 8 presets (and they would take up unnecessary space), the possibility of using the Renoise API to control disk browser path would be absolutely splendid.

In that case your use of the favs is just plain wrong. Why not, even though you’re on a Mac, have the ‘samples’ folder as root and preset #1??
Anyway, very kind of you to share such intimate data. drums are drumloops then? just curious. and how did you set up abletonliveselfcontainedlivegigfooler?

offtopic: I would like a kb shortcut for the search bar though. A non-global one, you know, so one could maybe bind / key to it EVEN THOUGH it’s normally used for the Computer Keyboard Piano.

no, my use of favs is exactly correct. samples folder has approx 60 different folders. if i want to access my oneshot (melodic oneshot samples) or my _drums folder (collection of multiple drumfolders, or my _loops folder (collection of bunches of drumloops from numerous sample cds and ownsampled loops) or my remix folder (folder for only remix material such as stems or samples), i will have to zoom around endlessly toget to them. the abletonliveselfcontainedlivegigfolder is 19 gigabytes of stems from trax so i can deconstruct, reconstruct and mess around with any part of any track that i happen to have diskwritten stems of. so i can take one beat from one track, a bass from another track, a melody from a third track, and layer another beat from a fourth track on top of them and keep mixing and matching until i’m content. the renoise folder underneath this folder has renoise-specific loops, i.e. melodic sounds or drumloops i’ve made with renoise. when i’m rendering selections to sample, i need to be able to save them immediately as wavefiles to the folder. if i’m doing a remix, i’m only interested in accessing the remix material. if i want to load drums, i need to be in the drums folder. if i want to go for melodic samples, i need to be in the oneshot folder. no amount of “yeah just simplify it into zooming around your samples folder”, is anything akin to a solution. and i also used to use Renoise for work-related edits, which would be in /Users/esaruoho/Work/mp/. i’m not entirely sure what makes you think that i’m using the favs plain wrong, do you only have like 3 or 4 subfolders in your samplesfolder?

if you really want to know the folder structure of abletonliveselfcontainedlivegigfolder, i can provide it, but it really won’t make much sense to you since the folder titles are for my memory only.

offtopic: it would be luscious if the API would allow for cursor-focus-on-disk-browser via scripting, since then i could press F3 once to get to diskbrowser+sampleeditor+instrumentsettings, and press F3 again to get cursor focus on disk browser and F3 again to go back to cursor focus on sample_editor.

without the intention of being really annoying, i’m actually for it that renoise lua api would have the possibilities you mention (both setting disk browser location/searchtype, and setting focus), I only wanted to hint / help you by saying, maybe you’re (for now at least) better off restructuring the folders a bit… Renoise with its “few” fave slots had me moving stuff around and now I do have one click more very often but I know exactly where to find every sound. So to say: I have one shortcut that I really use besides the ‘Homedir’ and ‘Renoise Library’ buttons, that’s my samples folder. In there I have 8 subfolders, of which I use mostly: ‘chip’(Overtunedinst etc), ‘drums’(hits from drum machines and other packs), and ‘Cas’ (stuff I made or sampled myself, it’s got 6 subfolders called ‘bbox’, ‘drums’, ‘loops’, ‘sampled’, ‘sounds’, ‘vox’)
So yeah, seeing how you categorized your stuff I can think of those, it does make a lot of sense to have different folders for melodic loops, bass loops, and drum loops, but 60 different subfolders? Think about it man.

That’s where you could maybe help me out, because, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to normally render a clip or a ‘pattern’ (combination of clips in this case) to wav in ableton normally? If I freeze a track and then flatten, I do get samples in clips, but can’t copy them to somewhere else :expressionless:

hmm… … i have samples from 1996 onwards and have gone through multiple types of samplefolders. i have a folder for library-sampled tracks, a folder for samples i was given by person x, or person y, or person z, another folder for samples i bought from hospital records, another folderwith subfolders for samplepacks i was given by person a, samples from synthA, synthB, synthZ (none of these are oneshot samples, since oneshot samples are in one folder). i have tapeit2 samples, i have 6 different folders for vocals, i have hydrophone samples, etc, i’ve been editing and deleting useless samples etc, but … you see, this isn’t about having folders and subfolders, it’s about disliking how disk browser works (disk browser in renoise is not meant for this kind of file structures.
also, there’s 53gigs of it. the _drums etc organization has been to clear things up a bit, but i don’t really believe in subfolders under subfolders under folders either. i have a folder hierarchy that’s fun for me to use, and through which i can find stuff, and where things are pretty freeform, but if i get a project to do, say, music for a danceperformance, then i will create a new folder. i used to have all remix-song-folders all over the place but simplified them to all be under remix/ etc, so i’ve actually spent days on end looking through files and folders, moving stuff together and overall organizing, and deleting stuff that i know i’ll never ever use.

and about your melodic loops bassloops and drumloops, i don’t have folders for those, i have folders for songs in the abletonliveselfcontained folder. how else will i find the correct bits when i wish to mangle a certain track into pieces? both the browser in ableton live and in renoise (imho, ymmv) suck ass. in fact, i started using alias-folders in ableton live, to be able to survive through a specific gig that calls for specific things to be readily available (i have something like 60-80 track folders so that when i click on a track folder, i can start throwing in wavefiles/stems from the track, instead of worthlessly zooming around various trax and going “hmm?? where is it? let me scroll a while” for 15-20 seconds.

yeah, i dunno. i can see why you’d think that some other way of having a folder structure would be more useful, and it might be (_drums has a load of different subffolders underneath it - i moved a ton of different folders there, but some folders i keep separate because, for instance, they’re gifts from friends…) … but not always.

i select a track (mark whole track), click “render selection to sample” then save the sample in a renoise-folder and then load it into ableton live (normally when i’m rendering, i have ableton live on at the same time so i can immediately process and set the amount-of-bars and correct-BPM and save those settings in ableton live without issues. if you have skype and can screenshare, we could look at it, or i could show you how i do things with schism, renoise, logic and then ableton live in the end.

Alright as for the rendering offtopic shit, I’ve PMed you and thanks again for your insight.

For the other offtopic shit, I’d like to stop debating about structuring prefs. :)

I’ve got an ontopic tip though that I had just found out about… did you know the presets in Disk Browser save the

  • ‘root’ dir
  • selected dir
  • selected file

and you can tab between folder struct / file&folder list.

What about:

Read Shortcut1 directory to temp_dir variable.
Write wanted_dir to Shortcut1.
Trigger Shortcut1
Write temp-dir to Shortcut1.

Where Shortcut1 is the normal Renoise directory favourite store.

Clunky and far from ideal but it may be a way to do what you want.