How to change page up/down step?

I’ve poked around but I haven’t found a way to change page up/down step. [lctrl+lshift+up/down arrow] works alright but I tend to leave the edit step at 0 and use page up/down in trackers. Am I missing something? Or is this not built in?

Seems to be hardcoded at 16 lines. I too wish it could be changed.

You can code your own shortcuts in a tool.

Not everyone can code and even more does not everyone have the time to learn coding.

Some people just want to sit down and make music.

So, what do you think would be better? Can you explain to me, also related to different pattern lengths, so I might integrate it into a tool. Do you want a flexible “page-step”? Should it be a percentage of the pattern length, dependent on LPB?

Yeah, the extent of my coding knowledge pretty much starts and ends with PMD MML. A tool would be super neat but I’m managing without anyways heh. Linking it to LPB would work fantastically for my purposes since Famitracker has page steps linked to pattern highlights, while Renoise uses LPB for pattern highlights. Alternatively, I generally set it to 1/16th of a line which is basically the same number of steps in most cases.