How to change panning from left to right with every new note?

If anyone has used reason sampler Nnxt , there is an option in spread settings which jumps between hard pan left and right each time you press a key in order .
Is this possible in renoise ? I guess not without the formula device ?


If we’re talking native renoise instruments, it should be possible by using the stepper device in the instruments panning modulation, no? Use a stepper device. Set length to 2. Set one point to 0.0 and one point to 1.0. Hell, I should start doing this for random panning instead of using a random LFO att 0hz.

With VSTi:s, I guess formula device to a gainer would be the best. (not sure if there will be some ramp/tick delay making it imperfect, though)


Thanks :slight_smile:

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