How To Change Pitch Bend Range Value?


When using pitch bend through the Intrument Midi Control for VSTi, the pitch is modulated on +/-1 octave. I’d like to restrain it to +/- one tone. I know it’s Hydra’s purpose, but pitch bend message cannot be mapped currently, so I don’t think it would work this way. Is it possible anyway?

Pitchbend range generally depends on settings of the Instrument (VST, external MIDI etc), not on the controlling device.


So far, I wanted to avoid to be specific about VSTi I’m using but I guess I’ve no choice. ;)

Is there always a parameter from VSTi associated with pitch bend? I’m using a VSTi (Unkown64 Pro) that has no GUI pitch bend parameter .
(Or if someone use this VSTi and know where the parameter is, any help would be appreciated. ;) )