How To Change Vst Effect Presets

I am using several VST effects on my tracks, and on one particular effect, instead of tweaking all the values with automation, I just want to change from one preset to another of the many presets of this effect during the song.

I have read the docs, and the forum. I understand how I can use automation, or even the effects commands to modify the values, but I didn’t find anywhere if it is possible to tell the VST effect to just change of preset during the song!

I really feel dumb :blink: help!

If the VSTI supports it use the 92 in the pan column (smae thin as prg change for midi tracks) but it takes some time till the preset will change and the buffer has been preloaded. It may also override the custom settings you may have made in the first preset. So you probably willl have to run a second instance using the other preset. If your cpu is reaching its final capabilities you may want to use the render per track options.

if the preset can be changed with a program change MIDI event, you can send it to the VST host this way:

  • put the correct instrument number in the instrument column
  • put 92 in the pan column
  • put the number (hex) the program in the effect column


change program to 12 (dec) for instrument 01

— 01 40 92 0C00

(note, instrument, volume, pan effect)

But… wasn’t he asking for the effect, not instrument?

err… :rolleyes:

then I think that the only solution is to load two instances of the same effect with different presets and activate the needed one each time, as you cannot send MIDI data to ReNoise, as of 1.5

(you can activate the nth effect in a DSP chain by putting a nF01 in the effect column, and deactivate it by putting a nF00)

I had already tried that trick you are describing (using two instances of the same effect and enabling the one I need with the xf00 and xf01 commands),

but I have a specific effect (Native Instruments Guitar Rig) that doesn’t allow two instances of itself! This is why I was asking if if there was another way!!


did you try by creating a copy of the VSTfx DLL file with another name, and see if you can load two instances this way?

This nasty trick sometimes work

The idea of copying the vst dll was smart, unfortunately it did not work!

I found a solution (in case it may help anybody), I use several tracks, and on each track I apply the vst effect with one different preset, the only drawback is that I can use only one track (i.e. one preset) at the same time.
Better than nothing!

Thanks for all of your suggestions! :)