How to combine fx to doofer when there are mod devices

I’ve run in to a little problem since I’ve been using doofers more. Take this example, on a track I have:

Gainer | EQ10 | LFO > Chorus | Compressor | LFO > Filter. I want to combine the LFO > Chorus in to a doofer.

The solutions I have seem to be:
a) right click > Device Chain > Combine into Doofer

a) drag an empty doofer on to the track and drag and drop the devices in to the empty doofer

The problem with a) is that it combines all of the devices in to a doofer, this isn’t what I want.

The problem with b] is that you lose the LFO assignment. This is also the problem with a) because I could drag the unwanted devices out of the doofer but then again I lose the LFO > Filter assignment.

Now, it could be said that I could simply reassign the LFOs but this is just a simple example highlighting the problem, when you have Hydras and more complex modulation assigned this becomes a real issue.

So, am I missing something very simple here?