How To Connect With An Old Friend Via Lan? ;)

So an old friend of mine asked me if I’d like to come over for a weekend and we’d make some music - like in the good old days. :)

Now, in the good old days, we had an atari st with cubase and a bunch of gear connected with those thick midi cables… (i played a borrowed ms-20, a drum machine and a tiny boss sampler.) But today is 2012. I think he still uses cubase, I use renoise.

How do we connect our stuff?

I don’t even own a notebook, so I guess I have to install renoise on a SD card? I got a tiny USB card reader, I don’t want to install renoise on someone else’s computer just for such a session. Assuming this works, i.e. I plug my SD card reader with renoise in one of his computers, how do we connect his cubase with my renoise via LAN?

Man, I’m really looking forward to this, but I want to use renoise, not twiddling knobs on some synths i don’t know…

Maybe something like this may help:

Hey, thanks Dunks! This even comes with Reaper (which I bought soon after renoise ;) ) but I never used it before.

Or try copperlan, it allows broadcasting midi across LAN.

Thanks, will check this, too.