How To Continue Song In Mid-Block?

Hey everyone, I have a scenario here and I’m wondering if it can be done–??

Let’s say I have a standard pattern size of 64 lines.

On line 00, I’ll enter a sampled loop, and it lasts the entire duration of the pattern.

When the pattern reaches line 63, it re-plays back to the top line (00), and it re-plays the looped sample again. Simple stuff.

Now, if my cursor is currently on, say, line 26, can I somehow play the pattern from that particular line and it will play the sample from that point on down to line 63 and then loop again to the top of the pattern as normal?

In other words, do I always need to have my cursor on line 00 to trigger that sample to play, and then have to wait until it hits the bottom of the pattern to actually see if my sample’s finetuning/basenote is at the right setting for a proper loop?

Know what I mean?

Kind of like on Soundcloud, where you can pull your cursor way over to the right of the song and just click on it, and it “fast-forwards” to that section of the song.

Thanks for any help, I hope this is clear enough!!!

if you already own Renoise, go get the 2.6 rc2 that came out today, or else wait for the full release. it has the great ‘autoseek’ feature in the sample properties, that will do exactly what you want when you enable it.

Ok…let’s see what we can do here:

Not sure if you mean play the sample from line x just to hear what it sounds or for playback purposes.

Just to hear what it sounds like: L SHIFT + R ALT from pattern line x

To have it play that way so it renders that way is another can of worms so to speak, you may have to cut and paste from say line 26 to line 64 and create a new pattern, then placing the original pattern after it.

Playing around with the 0900(sample start position command) will get your loop playing from the desired spot.
Take a look at the sample editor to see where you want then sample to start from(look at the numbers at the bottom, then enter them after the 0900 command, ie to play sample from the middle enter 0980{I think})

This ref card may help as well: Edit I seem to have forgotten how to upload a file

There is no need to wait. There is also demo version of 2.6 rc2 .

oh, i did not know, sorry. but still, the advice stands. :slight_smile:

ok thanks guys

I see the ‘autoseek’ feature, but it says ‘disabled’ and is grayed out - I can’t enable it.

How do I enable it?

thanks again

but here’s the thing - I only see a play button, but no continue button.

So if I play my song from line 00, then stop it around 33 for example, how do I continue to play it from line 33 - instead of having to play it from line 00 all over again?

And, when continuing from line 33, can renoise continue to play a looped sample that was entered in the pattern on line 00?

I’m not sure how else to describe what I’m saying, I hope it’s making sense

Thats because there is no continue button, to play back from the desired line use your keyboard and press L SHIFT + R ALT as I wrote above.

The sample will NOT Play back from the current position unless it is programmed to do so with the appropriate 0900 command…maybe it is possible with these new demo builds, however I am not sure.

It’s a button, just click it?

click the autoseek button to enable it.
on a windows keyboard you have a key between R-Alt and R-Ctrl that has a picture of a dropdown-menu. press that to play from current position.

am i missing something? is there more to the question than this?

thanks guys, that’s exactly what I was looking for- to continue the song (the key between the r-alt and r-control)

But the ‘autoseek’ feature still doesn’t work, so what I was trying to do all along won’t work.

The autoseek says ‘disabled’ and it’s grayed out. I can’t click on it; it won’t let me.

How do I get autoseek to work?

Thanks again, all your help is getting me there

ok, after reading the forums a bit more, I’ve discovered that autoseek is indeed what I’m looking for.

I’ve solved it - I’ve been loading in songs that I did in older renoise versions.

For some reason, these older ones won’t allow you to use autoseek on them.

Only songs made in this current version of renoise or higher will allow for it.

Yeah, autoseek is a new feature introduced in 2.6

Time to upgrade?