How to convert a sample into a manually chopped phrase in renoise using SXX commands

Say I have one instrument loaded into a sample, which is beatsynced to the tempo.

I want to be able to automatically chop the sample so that the sample is converted into a phrase that is chopped using the SXX commands in a way that plays the orignal sample all the way thru… I.e. every line in the phrase is populated with the sample and the SXX corresponding to the line of the original sample.

sample in track without any slices:

sample in phrases section converted to SXX:

I could probably do this manually, but would like to be able to do this without using too much math :wink:

I was thinking the same yesterday… would love a macro that split your sample into sliced grids and dumped it onto the main pattern.

what you can do is just save a instrument phrase preset and just load it up whenever you’re working with loops.

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Right click in the same waveform view → “Slices” → “Render Slices to Phrase”.

You can afterwards copy that from the phrase to the main pattern editor.


while this is a possibility… (click to open context menu… click on render slices to phrase, click to go to phrase, click to select phrase content, click to copy, click to go back to pattern editor… click to paste – i’m counting 7 clicks here), would it not be convenient to provide a shortcut for doing all this with one keypress (or one menu entry)?

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It doesn’t have a default shortcut, but this can be mapped to a some shortcut.
See Preferences → Keys → Sample Editor → Slices → Render Slices To Phrase.

ok so now we have…

  1. press shortcut to render slices to phrase
  2. press shortcut to get to phrase editor.
  3. press shortcut to select phrase content
  4. press shortcut to copy phrase content
  5. press shortcut to get to pattern editor
  6. press shortcut to paste to pattern editor

yeah still not cutting it. that’s 6 shortcuts instead of 1 keypress.

is this render slices to phrase a thing that has an api function for it?

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