How To Convert Mods From Atari's Digital Home Studio

Hello everybody,

I used to make music on my Atari Falcon 030 with a soft called Digital Home Studio, by Softjee. Its format was the .DTM (not the .DTM of the former version, Digital Tracker , nor Digital Trakker, which is another soft)and I would like to recover my old tunes. Alas, it seems that there’s no soundtracker under Windows which supports this format. I tried to save them in .S3M but it appears that the files are corrupted. Can anybody help me or has already faced this problem ? :( (sorry for my english, I am french ^_^ )

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Giovanni B.

I’m afraid that the Atari Falcon was not really a very popular scene tool.
Though some folks were very crafty on it.
A bit similar to the Archimedes back in the end 80’s which had a lot of potential (and a lot of nice games) but never got the marketshare that it deserved.

I doubt you can find a good solution for it. Coprrupted s3m’s after conversion probably means the converter either expected some other .dtm format or wasn’t that sophisticated in converting your type of mods.

First of all, welcome to Renoise world Giovanni B! I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed!

I can only foresee one easy solution to your problem. You can load the files with the native program running on your Atari Falcon 030 and get a way to convert the data to audio format. This explanation is kinda lame so i hope it makes sense. That means that you can recover the song data to *.WAV format and then work the sampled sounds using renoise native sampler.

(E.G.: Using the Atari Falcon 030 as an instrument instead of a DAW)

You could research ATARI emulators (if any), load the program inside the emulated system and then try to open the files from there. It’s a shot in the dark though.

You could start by messaging this community:

I hope this information makes any use to your situation.

Take care! :)

Thanks for your answers !

@Harakiri : I’m not such a rookie on Renoise : i’ve been using it since 2005 :) but it’s my first post on this forum. I thought about the emulator way and as you say, it’s a shot in the dark ! And thank your for the link !

@Kaneel : Hey homie ! Keep glitching Mr Baguette ! See ya on Moonove’s board !

@vV: Thank you for your answer ; as a matter of fact, that was my conclusion too…