How to convert samples to mono on multiple samples?


I’ve made a lot of loops, [i]too convert all of them into mono one by one in the sample-editor is a huge amount of work. (and it’s repetitive)
Is there no way to do this task automatic on all files at ones? In renoise or some tool that runs on gnu/linux somebody knows about.

Also, something that can manage tasks like fade-ins /fade-outs to prevent spocks when the sample loops. I don’t know, is that possible to automate
such kind of tasks?

Hope someone has an idea on how to solve it. It would be really great.

Many thanks

For the mono converting there is a tool:
Fade-ins and fade-outs would be things you would have to add yourself into the script. (if you are enthousiastic enough, the scripting documentation will help you on your endeavors at least)

For some reason I though I had this tool installed long time ago. Thought it was the adjust button in the sample editor and overlooked the tool the whole time.
Damn, I feel really stupid… :blink:/>

Anyway, the tool works perfect. Thanks a lot.

For the fade-ins and out: maybe it’s the perfect time to dive in this scripting thing.
Did some tryouts in the past but with only some very basic scripting skills it was pretty daunting.

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply


Hi, thanks for this awesome tool.

It is a great way to quickly convert every sample within one instrument from stereo to mono.

I have a suggestion for a future update of this tool:

to be able to highlight many instruments in the diskop and convert every stereo sample within that selection of instruments into mono all at once.