How To Create A New Send Track?

Maybe a stupid question but I don’t get it. I can create a new track, I can duplicate a track, but how do I create a new send track from scratch? Nothing found in the manual about this.

right click on a send track (in the mixer) and select “add new track”, then it will make a new send instead of a regular track.

Thanks, but how do I create a send track when no other send track is available? I deleted the one and only send track by accident and can not click on a send track anymore … :wink:

Highlight the Master track then press CTRL+T (or use the right-click menu to add a track).

Since you can only have 1 master track, adding a new track there will actually create a send.


Having separate “add track” and “add send track” commands would make this more clear as well as allow for deleting the last track (right now you have to delete all tracks but the last one, add an empty one, then delete the last one).

and to create a new volume column?

You can’t add volume columns on their own, they are just a part of the note column. So do you mean you want to know how to add another note column? If so, use the left and right arrows <-- --> found at the top of each track. The arrows above the notes will add/remove note columns, the arrows above the effects commands will add/remove effect command columns.